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An Introduction


Paul Richards is a lecturer and author who explores specialized uses of attention and perception. He is a lifelong martial artist and former aerospace executive/engineer, with a background in accounting, technical and creative writing, and professional music and video production. Richards is also an accomplished musician, an explorer and sailor, and a proficient scuba diver.


In early childhood Paul experienced spontaneous frequent anamolous perceptual events and forms of nonordinary consciousness.  As he grew to adulthood he documented a wide range of phenomena systematically, in parallel with the development of his engineering and business career.  The depth and continuous nature of his access, and a peerless ability to map these forces, places him among the most remarkable reporters of nonordinary consciousness in the world.  


In 1992 Richards left his aerospace career and co-founded The Sente Center, Inc with his wife Patricia to document extraordinary experience events and to apply what could be learned from them to solving problems and enhancing human performance in both personal and professional spheres.



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