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Wild Attraction, The Energetic Facts of Life by Paul Richards and Patty Richards

Wild Attraction is a survey of a previously uncharted, energetics-centered view of romantic love. Its core tenet is this: Even though humans have had eleven million years of male-female experimentation during which to refine the race’s skills, our most desperately cherished premises relating to sexuality and attraction are exactly the inverse of what works. From an energetically aware perspective, the relationship behaviors that society most encourages are those that least fulfill the promise of gender. The world is, literally, head over heels. Great things await us if we can turn things right side up again.

Once and Forever in Africa by Paul Richards and Pete Rudder

For seven years, a rugged and pragmatic American privateer and his wife search for an epic lost gold mine in the most forbidding terrain on earth, the deep jungles of Liberia. While on this quest, they encounter a native mentor who attempts to teach them a new way of life, one that the locals call "old jungle." Both a philosophy and a way of perceiving, "old jungle" offers them the possibility of a unique awakening. One effect of "old jungle" is a heightened communication with African animals, especially a particular young mongoose fated to become a vital trekking companion.


The Unblessed by Paul Richards

This first novel represents an effort by Paul to write a classic "scary book" while in his late teens. It was published internationally by Zebra books in 1982 and went into a second printing later in that decade.

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