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The Sente Center, Inc


Paul Richards and his wife Patricia co-founded The Sente Center, Inc. in 1992. The Center is an educational facility, a private practice , a store, an archive, a research facility, and a training and workout space for studying the energetics behind profound physical movement, with similarities to a martial arts dojo or club.  It is built upon a fusion of aerospace science and engineering, martial arts, medicine, and the multigenerational exploration of consciousness and extraordinary experience phenomona viewed through a physics-based lens. Sente offers access to an extensive body of work that includes tens of thousands of hours of audio and video, and dozens of source documents, books, art, photographs, and artifacts- all to help individuals fulfill their potential.  

Individual session recipients experience a truly phenomenal and transformative observational process. In a private practice that spans thirty years, Paul has performed an estimated 19,000 individual sessions. His sessions are offered in three broad flavors; Observation and Reporting, The Creation of Individual Practices, and Sente Energy Work.

Wild Attraction

Great Attention makes Great Relationships

A radically original approach to creating truly great relationships by applying practices and principles of energy, attention, and intent.  Wild Attraction overturns nearly the entire body of contemporary opinion about the meaning, purpose, and underlying mechanics of gender relationship.

Infinite Moment

Extraordinary Movement for Extraordinary Lives

Extraordinary Perception and Single Intent

How to be an Empowered, Visionary Human in the Modern Era

Paul's signature physical motion practice extracts martial arts principles and applies them to any and all human undertakings. Infinite Moment makes available an array of concepts which can be used by any individual to create an ongoing practice that enhances personal grace and power. 

Sente began in 1992 as a school that helped students explore both common extraordinary phenomona with a nondogmatic sense of fun, while applying rigorous methodology. The aim is to develop increasingly beautiful and ethical energetic responses to large and small daily life events. 

On the Role of Men

Building Effective, Powerful and Compassionate Men in the 21st Century

World Creation

A New Art of Voice, Writing,

and Performance

This is an outgrowth of the Wild Attraction book and lecture series, exploring in fascinating and inspiring detail a revolutionary model of male chivalry and service that is both modern and timeless.  Paul's lectures on this vital subject have given hope to countless women and confident direction to legions of men.

Maximizing the potential of the individual spoken and written voice, and for optimizing creative high level performance in music, sports, and the arts. 

"I have the Wild Attraction book in print and it was the first thing I downloaded when I recently got my first Kindle! It is a wonderful book.  The work you are articulating is some of the finest and most intelligent to be found anywhere at the moment." G. R., LONDON

The Seven Levels of Choice and Planning

An extremely detailed and rigorous system for developing great initial vision, a new and powerful approach to planning, and creative, wildly effective execution.

"I feel at a total loss of language and inadequate in how to respond to our session. It was just a yes. A complete and total yes. I deeply needed what you were able to give and see, and I will listen to this one over and over. J. P., Neurobiologist, MA

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