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Videos- Creative

The Empty Headquarters Affair

Paul and Patty Richards' full length motion picture is set in the world of 1960's spy drama, and especially, the original Man From U.N.C.L.E. television show.  This movie was created for fun, and to illustrate the importance of relating to great movement, daring, and extraordinary experience.

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Thriller: Rained Out

This short video illustrates what can be done in the total absence of advantage. Two non-dancers set out in one month to learn and perform Michael Jackson's Thriller dance routine for a Halloween parade, and when the event is rained out they move forward alone.  An inspiring story and a memorable testimony to daring and caprice.

Paul's Rules of Partnership

Drawn from one of Paul's SenteTV broadcast lectures, this short music video offers a unique "out of the box" framework for developing amazing relationships with others in the pursuit of excellence.

The Waterman

This engaging music video takes one of Paul's original songs and launches into a visual journey into the convergence of mind, earth, air and water.

Bassai Dai 

During a routine practice workout, Paul performs this Shotokan Karate kata in 2003.

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