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Love Raynes Supreme

The soundtrack album for the feature length movie, The Empty Headquarters Affair

Audio, Music and Radio

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Through the Eyes of a Seer

Regaining Personal Power in a World of Lost Vision

Get the downloadable 12 hour audio course with one click, for $96.

After taking this course, you will have a powerful framework for understanding energy, an understanding that is a working model, not a belief. You will possess an active, fluid, and accurate sense of energy.


Performed by Cindy Alexander on her album, Curve. Click on the photo to download the Destiny Single, or click here to buy the whole album.

Bowen and Richards

The first album of Paul Richards and George Bowen was recorded in 1975-76.  It got good reviews in Billboard Magazine and its first single, Monique, got national airplay and made regional charts. Follow this link to a novelty song, Annie, on which you will find an amazing trumpet solo by Johnny Best, Glenn Miller's lead trumpet player.

The Max Image Radio Theater

Five seasons of comedy and comraderie for adults and children.  It is an accessible, entertaining show about overcoming fear.

This program was broadcast weekly on the National Public Radio System from 1993-1998, and had a weekly listening audience of an estimated one million listeners.  It featured in the regular cast Emilio Delgado (Luis of Sesami Street) and guests such as Pete Conrad, the third man to walk on the moon, and members of the cast of Star Trek.

An Introduction to Wild Attraction

Understanding the Hidden Energetic Attraction Forces

that Powerfully Shape Your Love Life


In this compelling original vision of love, you will be introduced to the Seer's view that humans inhabit a second body composed entirely of Energy, and that gender and intimacy is determined as much by elements of Energy as it is by physical genetics. A transformational path to deep intimacy, Wild Atraction puts new choices into old love lives. 

$17.50 Downloadable MP3  version

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