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"I experienced our call as quite remarkable, and not simply because of your capacity to see a person’s essence.  Being seen in that way inspires me to live into that essence.  That inspiration is a true gift."

 R.C. Transformational Coach

“I am noticing deep changes from the series with Paul.  I am moving into my power in small and huge ways.  I am taking action and speaking my mind in ways I wouldn't have dared before.  It is extremely liberating.  I am in deep gratitude of the changes I am experiencing.  

A. L. Dallas Texas

Private Practice


Individual sessions with either Paul or his wife Patty provide opportunities to experience a truly phenomenal and transformative observational process.










In a private practice and personal pursuit that spans thirty years, Paul has performed an estimated 19,000 individual sessions, averaging twelve sessions a week.  His sessions are offered in three broad flavors:  


1. Observation and Reporting.  This is a remarkable, unprecendented art form, the weaving of a world class perceptual gift with a articulative capacity that many find surprising, transporting and delightful.  Paul's word-portraiture provides recipients with views of themselves and their lives that are simultaneously hauntingly familiar and stunningly new. For many clients, each event is life changing, and Paul's session recordings grow in value as the years pass, offering unexpected insights and profound shifts of perspective with each repeat listening.


2. Coaching Relating to the Creation of Individual Practices.  These session cover a wide range of subjects, such as playing musical instruments with excellence, high level performance in sports and athletics, creative writing, improving the speaking voice, and sophisticated personal and business planning. In these sessions, Paul offers comments and ideas relating to creating specialized forms of individual practice that can help recipients develop new percepetual power, increased intent and clarity, ability to move in new and profound ways, and greater mastery of attention. Many of these practices are drawn from his Infinite Moment mind-body-energy movement system. 


3. Sente Energy Work.  Paul's energy work sessions are the crown jewels of his private practice.  He applies a system, developed for his own use during and after his early training years, for the purpose of optimizing the energy, attention, and intent elements in the lives of recipients.  It is a process designed to foster basic energetic health, something that is normally neglected but which is as foundational as diet and exercise.  The process is cleansing, relaxing, healing, and extremely empowering, yielding measurable concrete changes in the lives of recipients, reducing reactivity, and opening doors for adventure, creativity, basking, and success in meeting new life challenges.

"The unique and delicate way in which you name things seems to facilitate my own capacity to become conscious of what I intuitively sensed. I have felt seen in so many ways. I recognize myself in your descriptions and depictions, and your words meet an urgent and profound need to comprehend and clarify where I stand now. I am deeply moved when I re-listen to our conversation, 

ND, Physician, MD

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