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Videos- Sente Classes

Infinite Moment

Paul's flagship movement practice is offered in the form of live and video workouts via SenteTV.  The practice is

based on twenty-one remarkable principles that underly all profound human motion.

As a black belt in Shotokan Karate, I have found that Paul's classes make me aware of levels of mastery and nuance of movement and energetics that I didn't realize were possible. He helps us experience the extraordinary power possible within such mundane actions as walking, throwing a ball, shaking hands, and speaking. 

R. S. Screenwriter

Unleashing Wild Attraction

Paul and his wife Patricia wrote a groundbreaking book, Wild Attraction, on the energy and intent of extraordinary relationship. This video is a sample drawn from a monthly online class series that explores, in fascinating detail, the issues at the heart of the book- 59 Energetic Facts of Life, offering practical insights into extraordinary love.

"The UWA today was AMAZING. The realizations and shifts in this work - they can happen so quickly. I've never experienced anything like it." 

G. P., Economist, Australia

Carrying the Fire

The Richards' flagship broadcast offers the ultimate in intricate, rich, and delightfully multilayered explorations of extraordinary experience. It is the most advanced monthly SenteTV online video broadcast class, and it directly compliments the audio course of the same name.

I think it delivers the most profound and subtle exploration of human relationships and the dynamics of personal power that I have ever encountered--beyond any other experience, educational or therapeutic."  


Sente Advanced Workshops

From 2002 to 2009, the principle activity of the Sente Center was to produce monthly intensive workshops on the origin and application of advanced consciousness, attention, and intent phenomona.  With the advent of SenteTV in 2009, the Center stages these wonderful events twice each year.

"“I am someone who has done a lot of growth 'work' - from Transcendental Meditation to EST... This body of work is far and away the most directly impactful, meaningful, powerful and life-changing content I have ever been exposed to." C.P.

On the Role of Men

While promoting the book, Wild Attraction, it became clear that there was a need and demand forPaul's remarkable lectures on the role, purpose and quality of men. This and other lectures like it have become cornerstones of the Richards' advocacy of extraordinary relationship for the betterment of society.

“I wanted to send a note to say how much I am enjoying and valuing your Advanced Sessions on aggression. Your definition is wonderful and opens up so much.How you are framing it is very helpful in an immediate way to me.

J. E. Therapist, Seattle

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