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On the Role of Men- Hear the Complete Lecture


This 2-hour MP3 audio lecture is drawn from a SenteTV video broadcast in which Paul and Patty Richards discuss the most effective roles for men.


Patty Richards draws her co-author/husband, Paul, into a powerful, frank, and illuminating discussion that reveals and details a rich and inspiring model of manhood that is powerfully adapted for the twenty-first century.  This lecture is part of a larger body of work on the energetics and intent of extraordinary relationship that was first documented in their groundbreaking Wild Attraction book and broadcast series.







“I wanted to send a note to say how much I am enjoying and valuing your Advanced Sessions on aggression. Your definition is wonderful and opens up so much.

How you are framing it is very helpful in an immediate way to me.

I wanted to let you know how moving I find your work. I can feel my own perception of energy (of the world) shift and open as I listen. 

I am grateful for the way you are expressing your experience.


Jeff E. (psychotherapist)

Seattle, WA


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