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Sensei Aaron Ortega


Sensei Aaron Ortega is a martial artist, a master craftsman, and a men's and woman's empowerment coach, lecturer, and facilitater.  He is and has been affiliated with a variety of mentoring organizations, such as The New Warriors.


Ortega holds rank in American Open Style, Shotokan, & Shorin Ryu Karate.  His martial arts career began with training from his father, karate icon Jerry Piddington, the founder of the American Open Style Karate organization. Aaron went on to study with James Tong, Tom Spellman, Sterling Osborne, Robert Greygrass, & Norris Williams. 


Ortega competed successfully in sport karate regionally in the Pacific Northwest, placing and winning in fighting categories. He was the Oregon state champion in Kata in 1993. Sensei Ortega was the head instructor at Ashland Budokan for 25 years.

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